Teacher-to-Teacher Workshops

Teacher-to-Teacher Workshops provide the opportunity for more intimate engagement with issues on pedagogy and teaching protocols that address the challenges and complexities faced when teaching a global architectural survey. They thus enable members and educators to meet over a few days, in small groups, to work intensively and collaboratively on developing methods of best practice towards addressing the complexities of global architectural survey education.

The GAHTC is eager to receive workshop proposals.  Proposals can be framed in the form of a theme with a call for participants, or a fully formed workshop, with theme and participants already assembled. The GAHTC will sponsor five workshops, of four to eight people each, in the next three years. Each workshop will be provided funding of up to $20,000 to cover travel, hotel, and meals for its participants.

Teacher-to-Teacher Workshops are not limited to any specific topic, discipline, or region of study. Rather, the GAHTC encourages its members to embrace a unique opportunity to collaborate with fellow members, furthering teaching and research, in the interest of producing new knowledge, pedagogy, and practice at the architectural survey level. Workshop participants will then assemble their collaborations within a sharable format, for dissemination to the GAHTC community.

Example Teacher-to-Teacher workshop themes:

  • Teaching Asia
  • Teaching the Architectural Survey to Non-Architects/Historians
  • Pedagogy in the Era of Social Media
  • How to Revise “the Canon”?

For consideration, please submit a proposal presenting the theme of the workshop, outlining specifically how it will relate to global architectural history and teaching pedagogy. Also, please provide the proposed schedule for the workshop, including an estimated budget for travel, lodging and incidentals. The proposal should include a description of the deliverable, that is, a summary of the workshop findings as will be remitted to the GAHTC and in turn shared with the GAHTC community. Please also include a bio and CV for each participant.  

Submit your proposal to Eliana Hamdi Murchie at emurchie@mit.edu.

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